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 Sinful ways

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PostSubject: Sinful ways   Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:20 pm

The water flows
The moonlight glows
I walk through fields of clover
The night is far from over

The siren's voice, I follow
I walk deeper into the hollow
My eyes are shut
But still i strut

I know not where i go
I am tranced into woe
I come to a halt
I realize I am at fault

In my memory there is a gap
I had fallen into a trap
The sun is on arise
Escape was my prize

I ran out of the cave
To see the ocean's wave
I had escaped the wretche's claws
To see nature's shocks and awes

The ocean's breeze never seemed to cease
And again I was at peace
I was with the Shepard's sheep
And no more did He weep.
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Sinful ways
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