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 Alone . . . .

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PostSubject: Alone . . . .   Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:55 pm

The water flows
The moonlight glows
I walk through fields of clover
The night is far from over

There she stands
Idle by the seaborn sand
She wathches the ocean with revrance
She does not feel my pressance

Her hair flows in the ocean wind
Alone, seperated from her kin
I walk under a tree of peaches
The tide creeps onto the beaches

She falls back to the field
And the pact was sealed
Her eyes see a man under a tree
Indeed she looked at me

My heart begins to beat fast
Long, this moment will not last
I approach with risk
Dare I kiss

Eye to eye we are now
And I take my vow
The moon is bright
And we held each other tight
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Alone . . . .
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