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 A Little Bit About Myself (incomplete)

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PostSubject: A Little Bit About Myself (incomplete)   Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:55 pm

This poem is meant to be read aloud in a more modern tempo. Think of rap or the beatnik stuff you hear at school.

I am a free-falling fistful of fervent frivolosity
Accelerant velocity
s--- runs through my mind so fast,
Can't help but look with animosity

I am a rip-roar wristbreaking rapier
Razor-blade flash from one point to another
Blood streams and blue veins
Epitome of when my mother
Brought me into this world,
Into this mess I was hurled,
And as the years have gone by
The desperation has unfurled
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A Little Bit About Myself (incomplete)
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