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 Self-Made Man

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PostSubject: Self-Made Man   Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:19 am

My voice is purposely listless
Oughta be scared shitless
because of how deep
I'm settled into my existence.
Comprehend through my cohesion
of vocabulary treason
'gainst the ancient and the modern patterns, rhythms and reasons.

Self-centered is the way to be nowadays,
it's a new fad, a new craze,
eyes glued to the screen, unphased,
by the people around;
lights and sounds
all we crave.

Now life lacks joy,
we've settled for the ploy
Accepted painting over reality
Dropped weapon for toy

And we spend so much time on the meaningless
Our words start meaning less
Like hive mind or bees nest
Become the same as the rest
Well, I protest, to preserve my sanity
Defeat the pride and vanity
Lust, hate, fear, wait...
Should I mention profanity?

And as the fear seeps in, startling my reason,
I know as clearly as I know the changing of season,
As a knife of sorrow stabs into my cardiac region,
I witness who I've always been: My name is Legion.
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PostSubject: Re: Self-Made Man   Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:07 am

these poems you guys write are good. I wish I could write like that just a little but words don't seem to be my specialty.
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Self-Made Man
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