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 Amidst my Sorrow

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PostSubject: Amidst my Sorrow   Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:13 am

At night, I often lay awake and think,
And restlessly through open window stare.
Amidst my thoughts, I teeter on the brink,
Between dry land and watery despair.
Atop my precipice I view your smile;
You are the only light beneath the waves.
But you live in a world which is hostile;
I cannot swim, save to my lonely grave.
How torn am I that I can’t sink below,
And hold you in my dying arms once more.
Yet on the rise the brilliant sunlight glows,
Beckoning to stay upon the shore.
For in my heart an ardent hope shines bright,
That you might come to shore, into the light.
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Amidst my Sorrow
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