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 Her Enchanting Gaze

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PostSubject: Her Enchanting Gaze   Mon May 04, 2009 4:42 pm

She locks my eyes in her enchanting gaze
Sourced from the sky-bright irises and dark
Enshrouded in her auburn locks. A maze
Of hint and gesture; expressions that hark
Myself into yourself and makes a mark;
They question if I'm good enough to be
More than ravenous urge and boasting lark,
And last longer than notion begs to flee.
Than vaguely I, through your external see
An image of some violet heartbeat past,
Beyond the bleak depression presently
Serving as Eve's internment. So, at last
Return the blue eyes and the lonely sight
Of bastard child and tears in dead of night.
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Her Enchanting Gaze
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