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 April 24th

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PostSubject: April 24th   Mon May 04, 2009 11:59 pm

April 24 knocking at your door
On the floor the man lays
The sun's rays reflect of the glassy gaze
Of the body.

Aim was shoddy
Cross-hairs caught by the sun's glare
He stares into forever
And never again will his friends
Mend relations severed

The scope glints in the tree outside:
A white eye, staring unblinkingly
Barrel from the bushes booms
Bullets zoom by
Once, twice, three times
Then shock

Blood smattering the salad bowl
Like dressing
The kitchen floor is cold
Depressing: his chest is
Leaking air

Outside, the bullet flare
Went unseen
The hot lead careened
While the weapon withdrew
The thief flew with his prize:
The life of those unblinking eyes
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April 24th
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