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 Crossing the Hedge

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PostSubject: Crossing the Hedge   Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:37 pm

I walk and wander to and from the edge
of wilderness and circling city-hedge
A blackness waits along the narrow pass
Beyond the safety of my walls and glass

But I want it dearly
To meet my fate. Clearly,
I've lost my mind.
But dark calls to darkness
as the savage man hungers inside
for his savage death, wandering blind.

The ancient hero many years ago
Sowed seeds within the dust that they might grow
And fed them with his living ransom-blood
So they could bravely face the coming flood.

But I want it dearly
To meet my fate. Clearly,
my mind is lost.
But deep cries to deep
When the wanderer pays up his cost,
And with dying breath takes up his cross.

We're all just looking for a way to die.
What will you find when it's time?

Only what you've chosen.
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Crossing the Hedge
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