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 10/7/09 poem

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PostSubject: 10/7/09 poem   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:37 pm

Sorry, this has a couple cuss words in it! It comes from a song that inspired it. The song is Et Al by HURT.

Feel! Damn you, feel
like you're alive again
Heal! Damn you, heal
become a child again

Make yourself whole
and observe your lack of control

You're forming parts and machinery from shadowy stone,
your gears, they aren't turning, your mind's not at home.
So enjoy your perversion while the threaded seams hold
before you see the truth of the lost and the cold.

Feel! Damn you, feel
like you're on fire again
Heel! Damn you, heel
your raving mind once again

Won't you watch where you step?
Well of course not, you're blind.
You can't look before leaping
With a soul that's unkind.
I'm stupid, confused, desecrated, and scarred
Yet my hands are the hook-knives, my eyes are the barbs.
God, take me and leave me! What else can I do,
When I'm living like death, like a man ripped in two?
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10/7/09 poem
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