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 To my Dream Girl

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PostSubject: To my Dream Girl   Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:26 am

I know you're no good for me
But I want to hold your hands
And walk through grassy, morning lands...
I wish you'd wish as well to be.

Dreams are like far distant clouds
Gliding past our little lives,
Sent from where all good derives,
But all pass on, without a sound.

You are my lovely, fleeting dream,
I cling, half-knowing, to the thought
Of you and I, and all we sought-
The sweet perfection, it would seem.

And then the groan, the creak, the moan;
The sounds of coming wakefulness.
The grey world; without you, much less.
I lose what I can never own.

And lower still along this line,
I lose you more and more each time.
To reach for skies too glad and blue;
To fall apart, and all to rue.
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To my Dream Girl
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