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 The Misses and Hits

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PostSubject: The Misses and Hits   Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:53 am

"Miss Bonnet, would you mind if I write you a sonnet?"
The miss turns her head and pretends not to hear.
'Oh drear' not another one. And the lad takes his leave
But her charms just can't help this boy to conceive wild schemes
to secure her searching stare on what would be his oh-so-rare
smile. Because she is worthwhile.

"Miss Ruby, Miss Ruby, come on, babe, get to know me!"
And she laughs, she laughs at the most serious joke
the boy's ever cracked. (Oh, it stings like a smack!)
Her feeble pat on the shoulder and her sending him off,
It's no wonder he's bent-backed and developing a cough.

'But stand up straight, boy! Crying's for girls!'
"Miss Curls, Miss Curls! Would you do me the honor of sharing this dance?"
"Ha ha, not a chance! Oh, the thought of a beggar like you
looking for romance!"

Miss Quiet, Miss Quiet, her eyes all askance at her soldier's defeat,
'Oh I'm here! Come retreat!' She longs to say...
But he probably wouldn't notice her anyway.
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The Misses and Hits
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