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 A Poem for My Dogs

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PostSubject: A Poem for My Dogs   Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:20 pm

You leap across the backyard,
galloping toward the rabbit at the fence.
The rabbit runs away,
your racket scared the creature tense.
But you would say it's okay,
the joy is in the chase.
And I know by your drooling grin
and thumping tail,
and the way you sail over the grass,
you're right about that.

You walk in a circle on the couch,
tamping down a little pouch
to laze upon the leather while we're gone.
You must be bored all day alone,
but you always know when we return.
I, walking, tired, up the lawn,
And you, licking, scratching the open window
up on two paws
like our own personal applause
just for coming home.

The best times are with you two, Dad and me
in the off-leash park, when all the leaves are just starting to fall.
It's brisk, but we keep warm, running from you,
chasing you, following your noses along the rabbit trails.
We never fail to discover something new.
And on our way home, all worn out, you stick your noses out the window,
taking in the moment, and the view.
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A Poem for My Dogs
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