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 To Bring You Joy

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PostSubject: To Bring You Joy   Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:20 am


How can I show my love to you,
Whose faintest blush outshines the scarlet rose?
Whose smile hints of a secret,
To tempt my longing soul

How can I show my love to you?
I slouch and sniff and tarry over talk,
And my heart trembles at the simplest glance
You bestow upon my anxious face, tinted white as chalk

Would a flower sway thee to my undeserving side?
So if I falter you’d be there to reinstate my pride.
If I sang a poem to thee, would it bring you that much nearer?
You’d straighten up my crooked back and make my image clearer.

But am I wrong in thinking this? To want for only me?
My greatest wish, it is to heal what harm has come to thee.
I long for most to comfort and to wipe your tears away,
And hold you in my arms until the night becomes the day.
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To Bring You Joy
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