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 World random ideas

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PostSubject: World random ideas   Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:47 am

This in a sense would be more of a freewrite then anything but ideas

Lets See if we built a world We would need to come up with some sort of theme to it. When i say theme it would be something that keeps it apart from just another earth. Now the logical Choice would be magic but how exactly would something like that work and interact with this world. I dont need to get extremely scientific with why different things in the world happen because in a sense even if people are like "Thats impossible" well at one point in time or another we were the center of the universe, also it was impossible to go around the world in 80 days or it was impossible for us to fly but we figured all that out eventually. This is just in a time when it wasnt figured out, so books in this world can say one thing when in reality it is quite opposite so you get my drift.

Now as to the world. I kind of want to build a world that has alot of base in dreams. When the race falls asleep it interlinks to a kind of web type thing. I know this sounds stereotypical but it is a good way for the "Magic" to work. This Race of creatures wake kinda like we do when we sleep. to rest. It burns physical energy but they eat through this process and in doing this it provides very minimal physical and alot of mental energy. So in a sense Going to sleep is like plugging into a video game but i will figure out dream world at another time. Now im debating for these sentient beings being strapped down to one location and its the source of their mental energy that moves them. For example they can be plant like creatures in their awake form and as they fall asleep they pull themselves in pods underground in a sense releasing mental energy. I dont know this sounds weird and i dont wana make this too much like the dreaming creatures are playing a video game.

Lets see another idea could be one shane mentioned about a world without music where magic was the music. Maybe a world where song is what brought about magic but in a written book that would kinda suck plus its already been done. Each individual note or minor chord controlled a portion of a spell and the completion of a song was a spell. Songs could be short like happy birthday but time signatures matter so rushing a spell could backfire. That kinda is an explanation of a type of magic but not necessarily a world in general. Maybe everything is controlled through magic, perhaps even something as simple as muscle control. Instead of energy signals sent from your brain your brain could run off a constant song which is far complicated beyond our imaginations. We can think about portions and part of the song that makes our brain run but in general the music is magic incarnate to a degree. Everything in this world will have a song which might sound the same to everyone or different in its own accord. For example im walking singing my walking song (i know that sounds lame but it would be different)(or perhaps its not even a song at all you have to sing or hear. It could be a reverberation through your body telling which parts to move ect ect) and i hear a tree (or something to that extent) singing its "oh im a tree and growing" song ect ect, or perhaps its something i cant even hear. Nah we should be able to hear it but probably not the entire song. just notes telling our brain what it is.

Lets see if i can crank another random thing out there. A world with a magic base instead of sound like shane and i kinda spoke of. Maybe something where thoughts become tangible in a sense but sentient beings are limited in that sense. meaning every idea or thought becomes a physical action or a battle of the wits so to speak. Idk its just a rough bleh idea. Might be fun playing 3d mental chess. Like most worlds this will have rules to which thoughts can become tangible ect ect in comparison to the real world.

but yea thats my bull Ship and whatever
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PostSubject: Re: World random ideas   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:24 pm

I like the idea of time signatures mattering in a spell.
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World random ideas
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