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 A Screaming Psalm

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PostSubject: A Screaming Psalm   Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:18 pm

I any of this lines up exactly with any part in scripture (I mean as far as plagerizing goes) then forgive me. THis is from my own head but I do not doubt some phrases have rooted in my memory and sprung up; because of that I would be foolish to assume that this whole work is entirly due to me. So if credit is deserved elsewhere let me know.

Let the nations cry out' O Lord!
Father Return and save us;
Come and be our King.
Your rule will be forever,
We will serve you always.
we will love you for all time.

Give us Fear O Lord,
so we may know your Glory.
Give is wisdom O Allknowing God
so we may see and do right.

Convict us O Lord!
Cast out our sinful ways.
Break our wicked desire,
crush our pride.

Hear my plee O God!
Let my anguish rise to the heavens.
My back is swelling with sorrow,
My spine bends with longing.

See me O Lord!
search my soul, read my intent.
does it not scream out to you?
Is it not heard as a great wind,
the howl of a thousand wolves.

I love you O Lord!
My soul akes to know you.
How can man live without you,
How can he endure your absence?

Take hold this Prayer O Lord!
Let it never fade from my heart,
let it be as eternal as your love,
as infinate as your wisdom.

Let me praise you O Lord!
Let me worship you forever.
Let my soul cry out,
O Lord you are a mighty God,
Your Glory is greater than words,
Your power bigger than exsistance!

I pledge my soul to you O Lord!
By your will Command me,
Show me how to serve you Lord King.
Correct my spirit O Lord!
make it fit to carry your banner,
let it shine out your light.

(all I have for now)
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A Screaming Psalm
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