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 Step Forth

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PostSubject: Step Forth   Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:21 am

I stand at the lonely fence with the setting sun
And grasp the handle of my gun.
The wide moon lords his height
And the triumph of the night.
The glinting metal adorning me, darkens quick-
My fingers loose their grip-
And the wildness of the world grows 'round me thick.

Silver bullets pierce not shadow's hearts
Who linger in our dreams with half-world arts.
Yet their gasps invade my ever-weakening mind!
I grip the border-post and look behind.
A field apart: my home and twinkling fire,
And to my front: infinite haunting wilds,
My wanderlust's desire.

My trembling body aches for this grave land
untouched by human hand.
Who has e'er returned from there alive-
Do they reach high haven, or darkly die?
What dangers lie beyond the sweeping rise
of brilliant ventures under thrilling skies?
I think of You, step forth, and close my eyes.
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Step Forth
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