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 Ignorance is This

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PostSubject: Ignorance is This   Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:33 pm

Dear Father, I can't do what you want me to
I am in a reckless mood
I won't make money just like you do,
I'm no good for my girl, and no good for you

Dear world, I wish I was a better man
And I wish I could see things the same way that you can
Call me a downer, but if ignorance is bliss, then
I'll be unhappy with the knowledge I have in my hand

I'll be alright if you just go away
You don't really love me anyway
And if I glare, don't give a care
Enjoy your death for another day;
You don't really love me anyway

I am not sugar coated, I am not a candy cane
I am not an instant message, I am not a video game
Don't treat me like a Starbucks, or a power strip
Don't apply me to your eyebrows, or smear me on your lips
You and I, my friends, are not the same
You, not I, my enemies, will be defamed

I'll be alright if you just go away
You'll never know me anyway
And if you're blind from a computer screen's glare
Enjoy your death for another day
You'll never know me anyway

If I were the wind, then I'd blow it all away
make the buildings tumble down, make the wires twist and fray
Shoot the satellites from space, tear the armories apart
Drown out all the modern music, rip up all the modern art
And when the people have no roofs to hide from my punishing groans
Then the fools will start another war with dirt, and sticks, and stones

But I'll tell you a secret:
I do rebellion better, though I ought to obey
But I can't be perfect with the kind of things I say
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Ignorance is This
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