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 Hello Hurricane

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PostSubject: Hello Hurricane   Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:05 am

Hello Hurricane, you're not enough to stop me
I'm gonna be excited and happy
and I can still read the story
I can feel them in the raging wind floating around
I'll snatch and scribble them without a sound
And even though my voice is drowned
My voice is loud as black on white
I speak in ink, I speak by night
and drift on breezes miles away
from you, Hurricane
Hello Hurricane, you're not enough to bring me down
I'll stomp your eye and spin you 'round
I know that trouble comes to me
I magnetize the problems
melt them down in my mind
mold thoughts together and sharpen them to rhyme
with my mouth, then raze the town
Hurricane is not enough to bring me down
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Hello Hurricane
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