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PostSubject: Momentary   Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:02 am

All this suffering, what does it mean?
She asked me quietly where God had been
that wicked day.
I had no answer, and little to say.

Can God be more wicked than a day can be?
The evil surely lies in you and me.
We pray Lord, set us free.

I spent years just wondering why
I stumbled alone while others flew by
Always together, happy forever
But I soon learned about masks and hidden tethers.

Can man and meager mud live separately?
The dirtiness is surely part of me.
We pray Lord, set us free.

You promised to do anything asked in your name,
and if salvation somehow already came,
or your plans are bigger than these eyes can see,
give me faith you'll come again for me.

A prayer answered: You took the place of me.
What suffering can outlast this finale?
My sadness and pain is momentary.
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