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 Spiritual energy and Magic

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PostSubject: Spiritual energy and Magic   Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:30 pm

This is only an description of an idea which is not yet wholly thought out.

As we have previously discussed, Magic exists within three states: Spiritual, Mental(or emotional), and physical. Now if we set energy as the means of magic, then energy must also exists in three states.

Given this what can we then procure? Here is one idea:

Begin with the the first state; the spiritual state. Here the energy resides in it origin. At the will of the individual the energy flows out and down into the second state; The mental or emotional. Whether the flow to this second state acts in separate channels or from one channel can be decided in a moment, but for now it is left vague for both work. The energy flowing into the emotional state is influenced or enhanced by the state. then flowing out of the emotional the energy passes into the physical. Here is where action takes place fueled by the energy which has been characterized by the emotional.

(continued later)
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Spiritual energy and Magic
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