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PostSubject: Guilty    Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:38 pm

"His blood be on us and our children!" called the frenzied crowd
Circled like vultures.
Of all the worlds millions of cultures, each of us begging for blame.
Everyone the same,
man's verdict on the Son of Man:
Condemning even the purest of us to death.

What the crowd roared is a message so primeval
our heart speaks softly to itself
whimpering over and over to our ears:




And you wonder, why the fatalism?
Jealousy, murder, suicide?
We know! We deserve to die!

I watch her wink and smile at other guys
And roll her eyes whenever I come around
Disgusted, confused, it will all end soon
But I refuse to see it
Inside my lonely skull, I shout!
How could she not know the pain she brings?
The deep tear, a mortal wound
straight to the bottom of me

And my heart still cries out
Hatred, loneliness, jealousy
I am consumed.

And the Pure man two thousand years old,
who boldly claims to be the Son of God
healed, and cured, and taught, and fed

and ends up dead.

Our hearts just couldn't bear to believe,
that one of us was free.
And that innocent Son
bore the weight of the guilty.

I wake up days later, knowing
I have it wrong.
Sure, she never really cared,
used me like a toy - how dare she?
But sometimes I could see a real sadness in her eyes
Confused little girl, clinging to me
more like a terrified child than anything.
And even with this knowledge,
my wicked heart spoke.
her flaws I would point at and poke,
drowning her in reality
Condemning out of envy,
until it became too much.
How could I know the pain I bring?
A thousand tears, her heart again consumed
Crying, guilty.

The Pure Man told the truth, and rose again,
and brought eternal cure to the wounded hearts of men.
Though death is what we deserved,
We were given new life, triumph over sin.

"His blood be on me and my children!" I called in a frenzy
waiting to rend his dead flesh
How did I plead?

But no more!

And thank God
that His blood will surely be
poured out for me.
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