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 Psalm of the Pleasant Lane

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PostSubject: Psalm of the Pleasant Lane   Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:45 pm

The feathered Cardinal in the storm cried out,
whispered in a voice of thunder, said:
“Speak to my people of the narrow way,
of the forward fractal path
that you journey by night
and sleepwalk by day
in a dream’s muffled ecstasy.

“Tell of the Lane traveled guiltless and unlonely,
tell of the beaten trail, hearty and homely,
tell of the gutter-runs sloshing with rivers
but speak for the crisis and catharsis only.”

And I sing my doubling, descending song
For the right and the right made from wrong.

When I was a boy,
untested in years,
untried in my experience,
I was met by a cutting joy
and caught by a sorrowful sight.
The cottonwoods gave voice to the wind
and the leaves echoed a sound
in a cosine wave
like the periods joyous and pained,
like life’s endless undulation.
The bittersweet Beauty I knew,
hence, my salvation.

I’m in a lecture filled with breathing—
filled with sounds of ripping paper – shuffling—
stuffed with heavy-laden minds
waiting for our watches to unwind.
So starts betrayal with my thinking
The moon to her rest is winking, winking
(the moon is my mind slowly sinking).

I’m in an aimless crowd, a babel
mindless as a drooling drainage pipe.
The water against its will
downhill rushes toward the ocean
and a general swallowing of emotion

The quality of a Psalm is repetition
The quality of a sin is insincerity
The self-told lie the source of evaporation
And too much light will blot the childish clarity

I’m wandering in the chaos lands.
My skin smokes under the Satan Sun
in the soul-spanning desert.
On the horizon of an ending adolescence
I whisper half-hated prayers for the rain.

The Cardinal in the storm sang out,
the Whispering in the cloud sang out
and He sang and will sing and is singing
and ringing a Redemption I
can never guess and hardly understand.

“Here I am like a hill of shade
and a stream out of stone in a desert place.
Here I am: dry solid ground,
a roof over your weary head.
Come unto me, and I will give you rest.”

This is the forward fractal journey
Spiraling further up and in
The cottonwood and pouring rain
And death and resurrection
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Posts : 337
Join date : 2008-09-22
Age : 27
Location : Albuquerque, NM

PostSubject: Re: Psalm of the Pleasant Lane   Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:02 pm

This poem just won 1st place in my school's writing contest! Whoo!
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Psalm of the Pleasant Lane
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