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 The Daughter's Wakes

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PostSubject: The Daughter's Wakes    Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:08 am

The Daughter’s Wakes

The night is spread over the steepled buildings,
An ebon tent over the city lights
Which shine like candles through the narrow windows
Safe-keeping children in their warm respites.

Fools walk about, the starlight for their beacon.
The astral spirits, flickering and dim
Will lead astray the worn and lonesome traveler
Over the edge of earth’s perilous rim.

And I am such a fool to come so far
Guided by only gloomy sentiments.
The blue-steeped cliff at world’s end opens wide,
Its gap an open palm in comfort lent.

I feel I’ve gone too far into this mirror.
I feel I’ve lost the safety of my soul
To the ambrosial darkness of the mountains
And to the placid nectar shimmering below.

My footsteps emanate an eerie beat
In ripples through the timeless fountain-lair.
Each splash resounds in breaths of leering shadow,
Of rocks along the well’s gray winding stair.

I wander through the night, long past the hours
Of day’s typical encroaching usurpation
Onto the dreamless sky’s star-girded beaches
All circled underneath their usual station.

I, Melancholy’s oracle arrive.
The spirit home Abyss about me wakes
Of inverse worlds beyond cruel memory’s river
And all the elves, trolls, demons of the lakes

Cruel creatures frothed up by the Daughter’s wakes
All tower ‘round me, pinioning the sky,
Yet make a trail for the fair lady Death
Who on the still-born waters passes by.

How terrible the eyes of Lady Night!
Of all the sorrows ever sung by man
She all our beauty renders obsolete
And casts her power over sea and land.

Pale goddess of the purple orchid petal
And of the spiraled iris of the sky--
Her aura fills the chamber and the altar
and engulfing all, she gently turns her eye,

Like shivering beams of echoed faerie laughter,
To mine own which seem to freeze in tears of ice.
Her cold hand to my head descends in blessing;
The Queen of Night does kneel and kiss me thrice!

“Oh child of ember, resurrect your hope.
Oh soul, awake unblemished in my arms,
I send you to your father, to the sunlight.
A fate has spoken, and broken my charms.”

The moon-lit Lady sphinx-like sends me float
On sun warmed streams away into the air
And through the earth and o’er the silent ocean,
Where I woke in my room atop the stair.

I cannot say for sure what happened there
Such a beauty and a power I’ve never seen
Since that dark revelation of the twilight
In all my waking life or in my dreams.

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PostSubject: Re: The Daughter's Wakes    Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:23 pm

finally read this... arent you proud of me? Anywho i loved it, it seemed either like a fable or someones wierd dream.
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The Daughter's Wakes
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