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PostSubject: Skin    Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:22 pm

Skin is a mask over mechanism.
Language is a mask over fervor.
Let the orange peel paint from the walls
and the walks where we once rode
our big wheels. Skin is a desert

Can't you see the deepening cracks?
Can't you see the implications?
Of previous? Stanzas?
What's the use in asking a rhetorical question?


You are gone, gone enlisted
in the camouflage of hoods and white rifles
burning between fingers.
You're too young.

But your words, we
thought were bullets. We
now see they were a
shield. For grit and gnash
and lawn-clippings you
never had a fancy for.
Well, I neither. But
skin is a boundary
made to be broken.

We share it shed from Mother's inner room
and fitted gently over those furrowed brows
who watch humanity one head above
and separate as a mountain from its grains.
We, the abstractions, sufferers of pains.

I'm learning how best to erode--
dissipate in sand.
The cracks in my skin will divide me in parts
and we will be One in our way.

So revel in your gun-shell smoke
your flesh uninterrupted, proud and sleek.
But beware! I come to meet you with my other cheek!
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