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 Beetle Mob

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PostSubject: Beetle Mob   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:03 am

Beetle Mob

The workman grass lifts up my feet and bends,
Bows down—a body limber to my eye.
They are so many and so soft compared
To wood and dirt and similar designs
Crafted by God to serve the body’s whim.

The dry grass cracks and dies under his sole
Or if his feet were bare would prick and itch
And provide gangways for the beetle mob.

I love the clouds, the figure of the girl
Wrapped tight inside her white well-fitting shirt,
The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the lover’s kiss
That blooms forbidden at the midnight bell
Which I came on last night by fortune’s grace--
Two teens entwining limbs—in the cool air.
I glory in the streams and fields and clouds
And feline glances red with implication.

The smokestacks barricade the evening.
My sight can’t reach, can’t take it all at once
So hunched we sit beneath them, waiting for
The moment of weakness, when sweet white flesh
Like maggot-meat is bared. We’ll rush the wound
And peel away the girds that guard the blood.

I feel the world tells me this truth: see life
As cowering beneath you, and have faith
That what your eyes can find, your claws can gain.
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Beetle Mob
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