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 5 Short Poems

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PostSubject: 5 Short Poems    Mon May 09, 2011 6:46 pm

Five Short Poems


I wish I was a falcon
to these pigeons
pecking pavement.
Such nests as these
would topple in
my mighty breeze.

Painting of the Buffalo River

Your painting is as
I imagined it to be

except for the top corner:
trees with webbed roots
spilling black mist.

My little brother jumped from half-way up—
I only at the boulder below.
Dad and Grandpa watched from the canoes.

The forest, I understand
just don’t remember.
Riding the round rocks,
you got it perfect.


Come on, train!
It’s late to hear your jazz
bring those crashin’ cymbals
round, sing summer night sultry
to me, at the station
standing quietly.


Kiss me, Love—
Punch my mouth with
Red and furious frown.

I know no pleasure better
Than the sweet hatred
Of true Love’s endless measure.


Oh, son of mine,
soon you will wake up from your safety—
steady respiration, consolation of absence—
the dream that ate you, oh
like a sacrifice to swarming gods—
dream on Isaac, my son.
Don’t preempt the waking knife.
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5 Short Poems
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