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 Kansas City Suburb at Midnight

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PostSubject: Kansas City Suburb at Midnight   Thu May 19, 2011 11:17 pm

Speckled white, slippery grey
The houses embedded still in sand
Smooth rocks on the Midwest beach.
Sea foam and Nessie cantered through this land
Riding the yellow waves, just like the slick way
The finned sedans follow their headlights' reach.

Malleable midnight, always tugging the leash
But never getting free, the crop of lights hedge in.
Orange branches sprout off warehouse blocks, bloom in pavement
The chime petals, bowing with fruit, glint
From driftwood doorsteps and washed roofs. Each element in each:
Light ionized to rock, metal box leaking gold on cement.

These thoughtful waves swell in without relent
This cold May evening I set to sea
Led by the street currents in bucolic dance.
I dance with the smooth streets, their light crowns me
And the full moon seated on her pyramid throne, and I, peasant
Are together breathing sandy air, dreaming an ocean's romance.
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Kansas City Suburb at Midnight
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