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PostSubject: Guitar    Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:31 am

A sound emerges in your thought
You would make it real.
But painful is the plucking
And hard the chords.

Two worlds spliced by vibrating air
Separate, yet in love with each other
Reaching through the station’s smoke
Reaching in spite of the train that’s passing through
Sounding a metronome of space
Ticking the difference between here
And the other place
Of dreams, holy visions
Colored like the sun
And ruby red
And never real.

All that passes in between
From destination to our waiting place
An echo of the mind, a chime of space
Ringing the tone of loneliness
To the fingers where your soul rests
Strumming the wire and stretching frets.

I heard the sun in your song.
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