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 The Southern Expedition

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PostSubject: The Southern Expedition   Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:17 pm

Croft: In the heat of the summer the thriving trade city of Kuma’Sut lays in the great basin the covers the northern tip of this wild continent. Early in the morning traders and consumers alike are out to start their daily strut. One man is out early not for good trades and deals but for good men to accompany him on his expedition into the unruly jungle to the south, were have dared to go. He sits under a shaded stand while his guards patrol the crowds for any daring enough to go on this savage journey. Many may already recognize the man sitting under the shaded stand to be Poliam Gylzuhl, a political advisor in the city. One man walks up the stand, asking for Poliam’s attention.
Poliam, almost looking bored, turns his gaunt face forward to see it to be one of his guards giving him the roster sheet. Poliam glances at the piece of paper with his narrow eyes, scanning the list for any who might bring about some intrigue. He slicks back his blalck hair, a few strands still dangle over his brow, as he slides back into his chair. “We will be leaving soon, make the last of your rounds.” Poliam told his guard. Poliam continues to ponder tapping his fingers on the table, as he stares up into the bright pale blue sky.

[6:37:02 PM] Mark Kellermeyer: Through the crowd, a tall figure emerges between the hawking traders and busy passersby scurrying on their way. Though his silver hair shines like steel in the sunlight, few look up to notice him, nor his angled features, nor his strange, baggy garb. He walks quickly up to Poliam's stand, looking left and right and trying to hide his nerves. Suddenly, there is a rustling under the table and Poliam feels something wet and hot on his ankle.
"Is this where I sign up for the Southern Expedition?" Antaryen says, staring down at the table.

[6:45:07 PM] Andrew Croft: Poliam sits up straight, pulling his legs back from the beast he had spotted just before the tall man approached the stand. He looked up, with an eye of intrigue at the odd fellow, who looks to be a stranger around here. Poliam leans forward clasping his hands together, resting his elbows on the table. He asks the man what wishes to find on such a dangerous expedition as he slightly cocks his head.

[6:52:11 PM] Mark Kellermeyer: "Doma, cut that out!" Antaryen scratches the back of his head, laughing at his puppy."Sorry about that." The dog immediately returns to the elf's heels, staring up happily at Poliam. Shifting his weight from one leg to another, looking down at the worn cobblestone of the city, Antaryen speaks after again after a few seconds of thinking. "Where I come from, we know of different gods. I had never heard of Sura, nor Evuni until I came here. Please don't take offense, I mean no disrespect to your goddesses! But it is common knowledge among my people that many other deities make their homes within the deep forests. I am just looking for knowledge to bring back to my people." At this he stares directly into Poliam's eyes. "I won't be a burden to your expedition, in fact, I am a skilled hunter. All I seek is to research whatever we find beyond the edge of the jungle."

[7:01:09 PM] Andrew Croft: Poliam shifts his weight and begins to speak “I was simply inquiring into the chance of our little meeting here, and any hand is welcome in my company. I cannot assure that you will, or any of us will make it back alive, do you accept these risks.” Poliam slides a roster and a quill for him to make his mark. “However I can assure it will be worth your while, if you are still uneasy about all of this.” He leans back again.

[7:03:13 PM] Mark Kellermeyer: "No I am sure." Antaryen says, and bows over the roster to scribble his name. "When do we leave?"

[7:09:59 PM] Andrew Croft: “Well I think we have enough people now, so soon. Be ready outside the southern city gate in an hour.” Poliam signals to a couple of his guards that they are ready to go. As guards are packing everything up he stands, rolls up the roster and slides it into his robe. He checks his pocket watch, looks at the elf and says “see you in an hour”.

[7:14:33 PM] Mark Kellermeyer: Antaryen stares slack-jawed for a moment. "In an... hour... Oh okay. That's no problem." Then he sets his jaw and looks down at Doma for a moment. "Alright, we'll be see you there." Antaryen turns and disappears in the growing crowd.
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The Southern Expedition
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