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 Mori'Udon (not in this version)

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PostSubject: Mori'Udon (not in this version)    Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:38 pm

The honorable and mighty Mori. They have proven themselves dedicated to their warrior culture, as they permanently graft armor to themselves. They are a mysterious race to the others of the world as they do not share much about themselves often with the other factions. They prefer to keep to them selves. They are noted to be the strongest of the known races.

(Only in the 6 player version)

Color: Crimson

Starting Positions:

Favor Track: 5
Field Mastery Track: 2
World Doctrine Track: 6
Loyalty Track: 4

Staring Territories:
    Shards of Numur
    Kuorin Desert
    The Great Wall

Special Units

The Sentinel
  Advance Unit
  Strength: 1
  Cost: 3
  Special(s) - When defending the sentinel gets +2 to strength

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Posts : 492
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PostSubject: Re: Mori'Udon (not in this version)    Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:43 am

Power Characters

  Two Swords
  Two Shields

High King Thromid'or
  Three Shields

Prince Haromid'or
  One Sword
  When an opponent is defeated swords prioritize power characters

  If you are defending a fortress gain +2
  If you are attacking a fortress gain +1 and a shield

  (3 power tokens) all units participating in this combat have a combat score of one (including supporting units).
  (passive) If you win a battle in this territory or an adjacent one your opponent loses two power tokens.
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Mori'Udon (not in this version)
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