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 Round Order

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PostSubject: Round Order   Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:28 pm

-There are 8 turns for each player per round

  1. The player with the Star draws 2 cards, one each from 2 of the 3 decks and their effects are resolved. This happens every round except the first.
  2. Players set Bonus Tokens face down on their territories containing units.
  3. The player with the Scroll has two options:
     a. Before the Bonus Tokens are flipped, he may remove one of his opponents Bonus Tokens from the map.
     b. He may look at the top card of one of the event decks.
  4. Spies are activated one at a time in the reverse order of the World Doctrine track.
     a. Spies are not restricted by enemy territories, cannot be attacked, and are not a part of armies. They are not part of the upkeep. Spies can be moved with armies, but are not part of them. For example, if a spy is moved with an army and the army is defeated, the spy remains in the forward territory.
     b. Activation: May look at one adjacent or immediate Bonus Token. The player may now replace one of his own Bonus Tokens with another currently not in play. This is done for each spy used.

  5. Each player places a Faction Card face down to be used during the round.

  6. Players flip Bonus Tokens and turns commence

The Break
-Takes place after the 3rd turn

1. The person in 2nd on the Favor track draws an event card from one of the decks.
2. Diplomacy: Tokens can be traded, and power characters can be bargained for

The Shift
-Takes place after the 6th turn

1. The player at the bottom of the Favor track draws two more cards from the event decks which compounds with the effects of the first two cards.
2. All Units can now receive orders again
3. Diplomacy
4. If a player has already used a Faction Card, they may now place another one down.

End of round
-Players gather power and supply tokens. Power tokens are gathered based on how many seats of power a player has. Supply tokens are gathered based on total number of supplies which the territories which gain supplies, marked on the territory cards.
-Adjust the population track based on how many units the player has. Power characters don’t count. Then the upkeep is paid based on the population.
-The round ends

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Round Order
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