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 Power Characters

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PostSubject: Power Characters   Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:30 pm

Power characters are unique units that give players advantages in combat and sometimes in other ways too

For now each faction has 5 PC's.
Players will start out with 2 specified PC's of their faction, and can obtain the other three during the game.
-The other power characters you do not start with must be "bought" with by spending the certain amount of power tokens on the designated spot.
-All power characters that have +2 bonus or higher are reduced to a +1 when at sea, unless specified otherwise
-when an army that is routed has a power character in it, it is also routed. If they are attacked again or a sword icon is used to kill the PC, the attacking player has the choice to either kill the power character or capture it.
-When one of your power characters is captured, there are several things that can happen:
    -when diplomacy is open you can issue a trade for your power character to return it to your territories
    -The player who captured the power character may execute them but only at the end of a round or at the end of the "Shift"
    -The player who's power charcter is captured may challenge the player who currently holds the power character
    -If the player who currently holds the power character captive wants to release it, they may only do so when diplomac is open
   -When a PC is captured, the player who captured it must choose an adjacent territory that he/she controlls to keep the PC imprisoned
      -Captured Power characters must have one unit with them at all times unless the territory has a fortress or city fortress that territory must also have a power token if there are no units in there.
      -Players can move their captive PC's but must move at least one unit with them.
      -If another player takes a territory where a captive PC is held they may now take it captive, if it is the PC's faction then they get the PC back and may place it back on the board
-Only a max of three power characters may be in a territory at any give time
-Power characters do no count towards population or upkeep cost

Power characters and combat
-Power characters will bring a current combat score to the battle; such as +2.
-They may also have combat icons, such as a "Shield" or a "Sword".
  -a sword will allow the player who won to kill a unit that would otherwise be routed
  -a shield will block a sword icon and prevent a units death
-Some power characters will have special text; these special abilities will do a multitude of things.
  -Some will cost something from the player to active
  -Some will only activate if you win or lose
  -Some may not even have anything to do with combat, and are usually referred to as "passive abilities" or "passives"
-when there are multiple power characters in a battle on one side or another, the player may secretly choose which power character they are using.
-Only one power character per side may be used in combat
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Power Characters
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