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 Bonus Tokens

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PostSubject: Bonus Tokens   Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:35 pm

Bonus tokens enhance the turn by turn moves such as combat.
-these tokens are placed down at the beginning of the turn, one for each territory you control with units in it.
-there are specialty bonus tokens which are usually better versions but have limited use.

when an order is marked with a * that means it is a specialty bonus token

March Order Enhancers

+1 to combat with march
+2 to combat with march *

1 Sword with march
2 Swords with march *

1 sword and +1 to combat with march *

Move Special Orders

Retreat *
-retreat order allows an army to retreat from a territory but these are only activated in response to an attack on the territory
-when retreating with the special retreat move order they can only move to a territory that you control.

Counter Attack *
-allows for the army if they were just attacked, and won to immediately attack any nearby territory as a "special turn"


Vigilance *
-when an army with this token loses they retreat but the units are not routed.

-collect a power token and any power tokens that territory would give you, collect at end of round

-collect one supply and any supplies that territory would give you, collect at end of round


+1 to combat, only on defense
+2 to combat, only on defense *

1 shield, only with defense
2 shields,only with defense *

+1 to combat and 1 shield, only on defense *


Standard Support
-lends strength of territory to aid another, must be adjacent to the embattled area.

Support +1 *
-lends strength and adds +1 to combat

-supports with one sword, does not lend strength of territory
Swords *
-supports with two swords, does not lend strength of territory
Support & a Sword *
-lends strength and gives a sword to combat

-supports with one shield, does not lend strength of territory
-supports with two shields, does not lend strength of territory
Support & a Shield
-lends strength and gives a shield to combat
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Bonus Tokens
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