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PostSubject: Combat    Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:36 pm

-Combat occurs when one player marches units into another player’s unit-occupied territory, or any territory with a defensive power
-Only the units that moved to the specific territory count towards the initial combat attack

    1. Combat Strength = Unit strength + Power Character strength + defensive strength(only if defending) + bonus token strength
    2. Declare support – works like GOT – and add to Combat Strength
    3. The person with the highest Combat Strength wins. If there’s a tie, the person with the highest position on the Field Mastery track wins
    4. Swords and Shields – For each sword played by the winner of combat, the winner gets to kill that many of the defending player’s units in that territory. Units must be prioritized over power characters. If a power character is affected by a sword, it can be killed or captured. The losing player’s shields negate that many of the winner’s swords.
    5. Routing – The losing player must rout and retreat all units that marched or defended in the territory to an adjacent unoccupied territory or to a territory they control. If they marched, they must return to the location they marched from.
    6. Ships cannot attack land but can support it. Land can’t support or attack ships.
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