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 Mustering/Troop Reinforcement

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PostSubject: Mustering/Troop Reinforcement   Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:37 pm

Mustering is the primary way to gain units on the board.

-To muster units, it must be the player's turn who desires to must and it will take up that turn's action.
-Second, the player must have the appropriate amount of supplies to make the units that he/she desires to muster.
-The player may only muster in one territory or port per turn.
-Units have mustering cost as well as supply cost to build, this is split into two different categories Standard units cost 1 mustering point and advance units cost 2 mustering points.
-How many mustering points a player has is determined by the territory in which they desire to muster.
-There are 4 different places that a player can muster: in a territory that has a fortress which has 2 mustering points, a territory that has a city-fortress which has three mustering points, a dock which has a 1 mustering point and may only build sea units, and a port which has 2 mustering points and may only build sea units.
-Standard units can be upgraded to advance units at the cost of 1 mustering point but the supply cost must still be payed.

There might be other "special" ways that a player may be able to muster added later
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Mustering/Troop Reinforcement
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