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PostSubject: Anti-Poetry   Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:46 am


Ceiling Fan

My ceiling fan sprouts above me with three glass bulbs
and five wooden petals that whirl
and two gold chains to turn them off and on.
I don’t think much about my ceiling fan, girl,
but I do like the steady breeze it blows
and I can turn it off when I’m done.

Which ‘Wich Cup

I have a Which ‘Wich cup sitting on my desk.
No, I haven’t eaten there in several months.
No, there’s nothing to drink in there.
I began collecting coins once
in that cup. Please don’t ask
what I’m going to spend them on or where.


I got that globe on my dresser for some birthday–
or maybe it was Christmas, I don’t know–
because I always did like looking at maps
and imagining the mountains and snow
or the jungles, or the river clay.
Nowadays I like to take naps.

Pictures of Skyscrapers

Lately, my parents have put pictures of skyscrapers
up on all the walls of the rooms.
They used to have more natural scenes
but now they are just scenes of gloom.
Not really. They’re just colored pieces of paper
to live our real lives in between.
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