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 The Pall

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PostSubject: The Pall    Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:19 pm

I watched it through a window, saw the season in retreat,
saw trees like candles sputter in an minute's time,
saw men and animals who once had bathed in heat
soon engulfed in a white and waxy sheet.

It came down like a child creeping across the midnight hall.
It came tip-toeing past the fogged lights,
the crooked roofs and gutters in a crawl
to curl up where its father once had sprawled.

I watched them scrambling, watched them spinning wheels,
watched engines burn out raging on the street.
I saw them exit and return again in reels
of carbon spooling at a rhythmic beat.

Let your indignation crumble, let your engines stall.
Come back inside! Come children, stubborn wights!
Before the rigor sets in, before the coffin's pall.
When the snow does fall, it falls upon us all.
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The Pall
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