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 knowing in the heart of hearts

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PostSubject: knowing in the heart of hearts   Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:11 pm

There was a bird came down the mountain
black and blue as oil and incense
hopped the railing at the door, then
lifted up away again

I was watching at the window
waiting for a sign from father
wishing for, but no way to know
of the breath that formed the snow

All the mountains lay in stillness
not a gasp of wind to stir them
or the trees of dark wilderness
all mystery and no witness

All is mystery and silence
and I seek our father there
I see the snow, I hear the birdsong
I feel the biting mountain air

I feel your substance in a question
knowing in the heart of hearts
I heard your voice within the silence
bird returns and bird departs
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knowing in the heart of hearts
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