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 Prayer for the Leaves

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PostSubject: Prayer for the Leaves   Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:37 pm

The easterly shivers.
The green fingers of the limbs gesture to me.
Each atomic one, spinning self-reference

is a Green Man, Adam, Eve
observed through the window last Sunday,
open for the swamp cooler cross-breeze.

I would drink the cosmos, photosynthesize,
drown my endless arrays of capillaries,
and bow to the stream-of-petiole, the sacred Brow.

Be still and know
the old, ant-ridden ridge
of windy arrowheads.

We search for the Sight-Giver
who already downward comes
to shiver each applauding, prostrate ghost.

Laughter alights on a crowded hall.
Toss us about like a flower girl. We
hold our hands out to receive.
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Prayer for the Leaves
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