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 Novice Water Spells

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PostSubject: Novice Water Spells   Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:01 pm

Water jet= shoots powerful jet of water

Basic conjure water= simple spell where the wand acts almost like a tap, gushing water flowing out of the end.

Water beam= quick pen size blast of water charges, can pierce skin after 1 posts of charge but only skin. Charge longer for stronger blasts.

Water walking= Allows caster to slip across the uneven surface of the water creating a thin magic shielding across the bottom of the users feet. Its like putting over inflated floaties on your feet so walking is reasonable difficult but can be done.

Calling rain= With enough concentration the caster can bring in the clouds or even just a single rain cloud. (effectiveness varies on the type of weather that is already present. If rain clouds exist on the field already it will take one post to start the rain. If none do it takes two posts to bring them in and one to start the rain)

Freezing touch= when wand tip or ring touches the opponent then it numbs their body in one post and if kept there can freeze the body part to frostbite then solid.

Ice spear= Caster creates a spear made out of ice which they then may use as a spear or throw. Strength of the spear is very weak but very sharp.

Ice shield= Spell in which is almost instantaneous. Caster holds their wand up and from the tip of the wand or the ring they can produce a shield. 1 post = 1 inch thicker and 1 foot bigger in diameter. It is attached to the tip of your wand until you release the spell.

Water Whip= Spell where caster concentrates on a stream of water keeping it all together from the tip of their wand with energy. Strength of a leather whip

Mist Field= Spell allowing caster to release a mist from their wand which quickly can envelope the field and grow thicker with each post of casting.

Minor Sooth Wound= Spell allowing caster to emit a small watery gel from the tip of their wand which they may use in cuts or burns to ease the pain and stop the bleeding.

(I dont have very many spells in this section. Post ideas or spells below and what they do and i will add them to the list. Be sure to post them in the appropriate power level.)
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Novice Water Spells
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