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 Hopeless Dreams

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PostSubject: Hopeless Dreams   Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:36 pm

Soft angelic hazel eyes,
Filled with love, compassion and care.
Seeming to pierce my very soul,
Leaving my mind dumb and silent,

Those eyes,
Those cloying eyes,
They are not mine to take.
The warmth they possess will never belong to me.
As I look into them part of me cries.
My soul entranced by such beauty.

She is my wounded dove,
I long to shelter and hold her near,
As good friends we can talk together.
More of her is what ache for.
But losing that friendship is what I fear.

As I reach to that siren,
My ship runs into the jagged rocks and I sink below the sea.
Will I ever be free?
Free from this hell known as love.
I know the lock but I cant find the key.

My timid mind avoiding the question.
For she is already taken away.
Looking for the right thing to ask.
Engulfed by this silly repression.
Shall I continue or hold up the mask..
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Hopeless Dreams
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